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A Soul’s Journey Towards Illumination

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The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul’s Journey Towards Illumination is a book for contemporary thinkers and truth-seekers who can identify with the true intimate story of the eternal quest for spiritual truth in the context of our time—a time of crises, uncertainties, and mounting paradoxes. Even as threats to us and to our ways of life intensify, we will find solace in Mary Mrozowski’s story.

The book describes the transformation of an ordinary suburban housewife to a charismatic activist and a spiritual leader role- model. Upon her death, thousands of crying followers crowded the church to mourn the woman that many considered to be a modern day Saint.

“To read the remarkable story of the metamorphosis of a NY struggling single mother into a God-realized lay Saint is such an inspiration to all of us. It gives us the message that we, too, with only the desire and contemplative practice can realize our connection to God. Thank you, Judith, for telling your mother’s story. It is so important for all of us especially during these trying times.”

– T. Francis

About the Author Judith Halbreich

About the author

Judith Halbreich

Judith Halbreich writes a ground-breaking and compelling story about her mother, Mary, and the arduous journey towards transformation and illumination.

Judith intimately witnessed the trials and tribulations of a penniless catholic divorcee who initially lost faith but then redefined old-time Western and Eastern spiritually to develop new strengths and tells this story. Her mother, Mary, taught her techniques of acceptance and overcoming pain to thousands of her disciples.

“I am so grateful to Judith Halbreich for animating her mother’s rich contemplative life, inspired teaching, and vibrant humanity. The Mary here is not a one-dimensional saint, but a vibrant radiating outbreath of the Spirit, dancing in compassion and wisdom and human foibles. This book is an essential read for any Centering Prayer student.”

– David F.

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